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Step 8 - Putting it all together

The whole purpose of this is to help you find the best places to fish.

  1. First learn about where your fish live and preferred conditions.
  2. Next, pull out your Chesapeake Bay charts and a marker.
  3. Now visit your regional websites with current oxygen, salinity, temperature and water clarity conditions.
  4. As you move through each step, continue to cross off unsuitable areas on your chart.
  5. Now in the remaining areas on your chart, begin highlighting prime habitat.
  6. At this point, find moving water by checking your tide charts, wind conditions and flow at these prime areas.

You have now identified the best places to find fish right now, not last week or last month, but right now.
The last step, and most fun, is to go fishing and catch a bunch of fish!

And when you do, don't forget to take photos and submit them to the Angler's Log!

Other great fishing resources from Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

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