Maryland's Commercial Striped Bass Landings

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Northern Ches Bay Bush River Gunpowder River Middle River Back River Patapsco River Chester River Magothy River North Central Ches Bay Severn Scenic River South River Rhode/West River Herring Bay Eastern Bay Wye River Miles River South Central Ches Bay Little Choptank River Choptank River Honga River Blackwater River Transquaking River Fishing Bay Patuxent River Nanticoke River Wicomico River Manokin River Big Annemessex River Little Annemessex River Pocomoke River Pocomoke Sound Tangier Sound St Jerome Creek St Marys River Hooper Strait Southern Ches Bay Maryland Coastal Bays Atlantic Ocean Potomac River Tributaries Potomac River
003 Back River 037 Choptank River057 Big Annemessex River076 St Jerome Creek
005 Big Annemessex River 039 Eastern Bay059 Middle River082 Severn River
006 Blackwater River 043 Fishing Bay060 Miles River088 South River River
009 Bush River 045 Gunpowder River062 Nanticoke River092 Tangier Sound
012 Atlantic Ocean046 Herring Bay066 Patapsco River093 Transquaking River
014 Northern Ches Bay047 Honga River068 Patuxent River094 West/Rhode River
025 North Central Ches Bay048 Hooper Strait070 Pocomoke River096 Wicomico River (Eastern Shore)
027 South Central Ches Bay051 Little Annemessex River072 Pocomoke Sound099 Wye River
029 Southern Ches Bay053 Little Choptank River073 Potomac River112 Maryland Coastal Bays
031 Chester River055 Magothy River074 Potomac River Tributaries

Historical Information Pertaining to Commercial Striped Bass Landings

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