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Harris Creek Sites: Charts and Data Summary

Harris Creek, on the Choptank River, is the location of an intensive oyster restoration project. Eyes on the Bay maintains three water quality monitoring instruments in Harris Creek. There are two continuous monitoring stations, located 'Upstream' and 'Downstream', as well as a Vertical Profiler.

The charts and tables below display the latest available 7 days of data from Harris Creek Stations. There is a lag in the data due to retrieving and downloading data from the instruments. Scroll down for links to more Harris Creek station data and data acquisition tools.

   Harris Creek Station Information:

*DOWNLOAD NOTE: The Station ID hyperlinks will directly download a .csv of our Eyes on the Bay data stored on the Chesapeake Bay Program's DataHub, for the available date range for each station. These data are the biweekly 'Calibration Data' measured on-site at each Continuous Monitoring station. The 15min increment Continuous Measurements can be found in the links section below.

Harris Creek Upstream Daily Means:

Data not yet available for current year.

Harris Creek Downstream Daily Means:

Data not yet available for current year.

Harris Creek Profiler: Last Recorded Profile

Data not yet available for current year.

Links to more Harris Creek data:

Continuous Monitoring Data: Download 15min increment continuous monitoring water quality data from Harris Creek Upstream and Downstream stations.

Vertical Profiler Data & Charts: Query and download Vertical Profiler water quality data, and explore interactive charts of water quality profiles. The vertical profiler has been sampling in Harris Creek since 2012.

Harris Creek Alkalinity: Query and download alkalinity data for all three Harris Creek stations - 'Upstream', 'Downstream', and 'Vertical Profiler'.