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Fishing Conditions Forecast

Winter Fishing Conditions Forecast Summary

forecast iconWith Bay and river temperatures at the low to middle 40s (°F), Most Bay fish are now in winter holding areas. With plenty of cool waters and oxygen from surface to bottom, look for concentrations of fish in some of the remaining warm water areas. In the main Bay, warmer bottom waters (> 50ft) are generally located from the Bay Bridge south to near the Maryland State line, in areas with good structure and protection from strong current such as underwater points, channel edges, and bridge pilings with nearby oyster bottom and reefs. The other warm water areas to consider are near the water discharges of your local power plants.

We will begin our weekly Bay fishing conditions forecasts again in March. However, for those hearty cold water anglers, all water conditions maps, plots and satellite pics will be continuously updated and posted. So for detailed and up-to-date fishing conditions in your area of the bay, continue to check out Click Before You Cast.

Stay tuned, Click Before You Cast will be adding lots of new features this season to help you catch more fish. As always, drop us a line with comments or suggestions.