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Vertical Profiler Data

Continuous Monitoring at National Aquarium in Baltimore

Sometimes it is beneficial to measure water quality parameters at multiple depths rather than at a single fixed depth in the water column. In estuarine systems such as the Chesapeake Bay, tides, weather, and freshwater inputs can stratify the system, creating markedly different physical, chemical, and biological conditions at different water depths.

The vertical profiler is a monitoring instrument specifically designed for measuring water quality at multiple vertical locations in the water column. The vertical profiling system consists of a controller, winch, and data logging and telemetry system mounted on a floating platform. The winch is used to lower a water quality monitoring sonde through the water column, stopping at pre-determined depths to record temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and chlorophyll. The vertical profiler has been anchored at several sites in the Chesapeake Bay and, depending on the site, conducts a profiling sequence every 1-3 hours, with measurements recorded at 1-2 meter depth intervals.

The data collected by the vertical profiler have been used to detect the intrusion of low oxygen waters at a site, to monitor the onset of stratification and mixing events, and to distinguish water quality conditions at surface vs. bottom depths.

Vertical Profiler Data Resources:

The links below allow you to query and download current year or archived Vertical Profiler data, as well as view the data in chart form at the stations currently deployed. Click the titles or images below to navigate to each data resource.

1. Vertical Profiler Data :

This Vertical Profiler Data tool allows you to query for your desired station(s), sampling date range, and water quality parameters and download water quality profile data.
Vertical Profiler

2. Fishing Bay Vertical Profiler Charts :

The Fishing Bay vertical profiler is currently setup to sample at 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 4 meter depth increments every hour. Data from the individual profiles are interpolated to generate a graphic which depicts water quality conditions over time. Parameters available are dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, pH, and turbidity. Charts are available for download. Fishing Bay Vertical Profile Chart