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Eyes on the Bay: Water Temperature by Depth

Water column temperature differences between surface and the 'Maximum Fishing Depth' based on oxygen availability.

Using the data collected by our Long-Term Monitoring Program, this map shows the maximum suggested fishing depth at each station, based on oxygen availability, as well as the difference between the water temperature at the surface and at the maximum fishing depth (based on 3 mg/L oxygen availability):

  • Mouseover the 'Show Legend' title to view the color-code key.
  • Under 'Filter Stations', toggle stations or map layers on/off, such as the 'Tide Prediction' map layer.
  • Mouseover or click each station to view more information.

For more details on finding the best fishing location using our water quality tools please visit our Click Before You Cast page. You can also get an overview of current fishing conditions based on water quality on our Weekly Fishing Conditions Forecast.

Eyes on the Bay - Interactive Map of Fishing Depth Limits Based on Oxygen Availability
Map data from: 5/6/24 - 5/20/24
Show Legend
Icon Temp. Diff.* Details
 white circle marker
< +2 °F diff Water column is well mixed, water temp. is uniform from surface to max. fishing depth**
 red circle marker
> +2 °F diff Surface waters at least 2°F warmer than at max. fishing depth. (deeper,cooler, oxygenated waters can be key locations in warmer months)
 blue circle marker > -2 °F diff Surface waters at least 2°F cooler than at max. fishing depth. (These warmer, oxygenated, deeper waters can be key locations during cooler months)
teal triangle marker   Tide Prediction Sites

Temperature: If surface water is warmer or cooler than at the max fishing depth, use this information, along with the preferred temperature for your target fish, to determine where in the water column to fish.
Oxygen: The
suggested max fishing depth is where the oxygen level is above 3 mg/L. Below this depth, the oxygen level is < 3 mg/L, which fish generally avoid.
*Temperature difference = (surface temp) - (temp at max fish depth)
** depth = depth on Do Not Fish Below This Depth map
More info on: "Click Before You Cast" 
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