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Status of Eyes on the Bay Chesapeake Bay Program
Data Submittals: 2017

Maryland Department of Natural Resources staff collect water quality data for a number of projects throughout Maryland. Data can include site information, water quality vertical profiles, light attenuation, weather conditions, comments, and laboratory analyses of parameters such as chlorophyll, nutrients and sediment. These data are submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Program in monthly increments for each project. The table below shows the current status of each project's data collection, review and submission.

It does not include continuous data collected from water quality meters for Continuous Monitoring or Water Quality Mapping (DATAFLOW). Check their respective data pages on Eyes on the Bay for availability.

2017 Tidal Network Non-Tidal Network
Month Main Bay Tributary Continuous
DataFlow BaseFlow StormFlow

Completed: Sampling & data quality assurance (QA) complete.Data available on CBP DataHub. In process: Sampling or quality assurance (QA) protocol is in process.
Not conducted:
Sampling has not yet been conducted.
Not collected: Sampling was not conducted either due to weather conditions or off-months.

Tidal Network Projects:
Main Bay Long-term Fixed Monthly Monitoring profile sampling at discrete stations from a stationary boat in the Mainstem of the Chesapeake Bay.
Tributary Long-term Fixed Monthly Monitoring profile sampling at discrete stations from a stationary boat or bridge in Chesapeake Bay tributaries.
Continuous Monitoring Deployed in-situ water quality meter, coupled with bi-weekly on-site measurements and sampling (referred to as 'calibration data').
DataFlow Surface mapping program, sampling surface water from a moving boat.
 * More details on the above projects can also be found on our Data Types Overview page.

Non-Tidal Network:
BaseFlow Although called 'Baseflow' these routine samples are taken on a set monthly schedule over a range of flows, not just targeting low flow conditions.
StormFlow Along with Baseflow, Stormflow samples are collected at least once per quarter to account for seasonality, with a target of sampling 8 storms per year.