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Harris Creek Vertical Profiler

The vertical profiling system consists of a controller, winch, and data logging and telemetry system mounted on a floating platform. The winch is used to lower the datasonde down into the water column. The Harris Creek vertical profiler is currently setup to sample at 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 meters every hour. Data from the individual profiles are interpolated to generate a graphic which depicts water quality conditions over time.

Click each parameter to view chart:

Alert: Harris Creek Profiler has not been deployed, and there are no current data to display.

Sorry, currently no water temperature data are available.

Sorry, currently no chlorophyll data are available.

Sorry, currently no salinity data are available.

Sorry, currently no pH data are available.

Sorry, currently no turbidity data are available.
*Current year data are provisional and have not yet been through our Quality Assurance procedures.

Chart Tips:

  • To access chart tools:
    • Mouseover the chart to reveal the navigation tools in the top right
  • To pan to earlier dates:
    • Choose the Pan icon icon for pan tool and drag the chart to the desired dates
  • To select a specific date or date series:
    • Choose the zoom icon and select and highlight the desired range.
    • Double-click to zoom out.
  • To reset axes:
    • Choose the home icon
    • Double-click the chart to reset
  • To save chart as image:
    • Choose the camera icon