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Continuous Monitoring
Query for Parameter-based Data

Using parameter and value ranges you are interested in, this query will return stations and data matching all of the parameter ranges selected, within your selected date range. This is helpful for determining stations of interest based on water quality conditions.

Choose parameters of interest, input your desired minimum and maximum values for each parameter, then click "Submit" to download your results.

1. Choose parameter(s) of interest, then set desired ranges for each parameter:
Sampling Depth (m)
Temperature (°C)
Temperature (°F)
Salinity (ppt)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
Dissolved Oxygen (% Sat)
Turbidity (NTU or FNU)
Chlorophyll (µg/L)
Blue Green Algae [BGA] (RFU) - Only available only at select stations

2. Select Date Range: Database dates range from 5/1/2001 to present but sampling date ranges vary by site.
Limiting your date range to less than 2 years will yield a faster result.

Start Date:    End Date:  
(Please enter desired date range in mm/dd/yyyy format)

Please be patient, querying the database takes some time. Check your 'Downloads' folder for your file.

* Data from 2024 are provisional and have not yet been through our rigorous Quality Assurance procedures.

For full functionality we suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.