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Deep Creek Lake Water Quality Data

In early 2008, after discussions with DNR's Deep Creek Lake Management staff about monitoring water quality in the lake, staff in DNR's Resource Assessment Service developed a lake monitoring plan. With approval and funding from DNR's Park Service, a water quality monitoring program in Deep Creek Lake was initiated in April 2009. At selected mainstem lake and lake embayment sites, in-situ measurements of water temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, and dissolved oxygen have been recorded and, at many sites, water samples have been collected seasonally for analysis of nutrients and biological productivity (measured as the principal algal pigment, chlorophyll α). Samples have been collected at each site in the spring (April or March), summer (May through September), fall (Oct or November) and, because of varying ice conditions, only samples near the US 219 and Glendale Road bridge crossings are collected in winter (December or January). With few modifications, this water quality monitoring plan has been continued to present.

At each mainstem site, conductivity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and fluorescence are measured in situ with a calibrated multi-parameter instrument in select months (April through October). These data are recorded at the following depths: 0.5 meters below the surface, 1 meter below the surface and at 1 meter intervals until reaching 0.5 meters above the bottom. Secchi disk depth is collected as a measure of water clarity. In addition, water quality samples are collected using a submersible pump at each of the mainstem stations. Water samples will be collected at 1 meter below the surface and 1 meter above the bottom.

Deep Creek Data Download:

Use the following query tool to download the desired Deep Creek Lake monitoring data from the mainstem lake stations, as well as the cove stations. In the future, data from more stations will be made available for download.

Select Station, Parameters
and a Date Range,

then "Submit Data Query"
1. Select Station(s): Press CTRL to select more than one station
2. Select Parameter(s):
3. Enter Date Range:
Select / De-select All Parameters

Field Parameters: measured in-situ.
Water Temperature (°C)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
Secchi Depth (m)
Conductivity (mS/cm)
Turbidity (NTU)
Chlorophyll (µg/L)

Lab Parameters: measured in the lab from a collected water sample. NOTE: Not all parameters are available for every station.
Lab Turbidity (NTU)
Chlorophyll (µg/L)
TALK: Total Alkalinity (mg/L)
TSS: Total Suspended Solids (mg/L)
TDN: Total Dissolved Nitrogen (mg/L)
NH4: Ammonia (mg/L)
NO23: Nitrite/Nitrate (mg/L)
NO2: Nitrite (mg/L)
TDP: Total Dissolved Phosphorus (mg/L)
PP: Particulate Phosphorus (mg/L)
PN: Particulate Nitrogen (mg/L)
Start Date:
   (≥ 10/25/02)

End Date:
   (≤ 10/19/23)

Please be patient while your data are retrieved.

Check your "Downloads" folder for your file, which will be named: "EOTB_DCLRawData_'StartDate'to'EndDate'.csv".