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Lesson Plan Resources

Earth Force
Earth Force is an international non-profit that believes young people should play a central role in building environmentally resilient communities.
Ph: 303-433-0016
LaMotte Environmental and Outdoor Montoring
Environmental Science Education Products. Reagents, instruments, and test kits are designed and manufactured at their Maryland facility.
Online email form
Ph: 800-344-3100

Vernier Software & Technology
Probeware for the classroom: Enhance STEM curriculum with Vernier technology to help students visualize data and build critical thinking skills.
Ph: 888-837-6437

Hach Company
Hach's H2O University is a water quality resource for K-12 students and teachers.
Ph: 800-227-4224

Mitchell, Mark K. and William B. Stapp. Field Manual for Water Quality Monitoring: An Environmental Education Program for Schools. Eleventh Edition. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. Dubuque, IA. 1996. Page 259.