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Bay Grasses Identification Key

Leaves with a Midrib

Look carefully at the shape and vein pattern of your specimen and compare to each figure:
Note: there are 3 choices for this level.

Potamogeton crispus
(1 of 3)curly pondweed image

Leaves are transparent, wrinkled or "curly" with a single parallel (from tip to base of leaf) midrib and many transverse (across leaf) veins. Leaf size is highly variable.

Ludwigia species
(2 of 3)false loosestrife image

Leaves are opaque and not curly, with both transverse and parallel veins.

Potamogeton perfoliatus
(3 of 3)
curly pondweed image

If you don't think your plant is represented above try going back a level and choosing again.