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Continuous Monitoring Station Comparison
Charts and Data Download

Choose two stations to compare, water quality parameters, date range, and how you'd like your data presented. Click "Submit" to view your results.

Just want to view data/charts for a single station? Use our Continuous Monitoring Chart and Data Download Page instead.

1. Station Selections:
    River - Station name [3 letter station ID] (sampling dates)

2. Choose Parameter(s):
Water Temperature (°C) Water Temperature (°F)
Salinity (ppt) pH
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Dissolved Oxygen (% Sat)
Turbidity (NTU or FNU) Chlorophyll (µg/L)
Blue Green Algae [BGA] (RFU) - Only available only at select stations

3. Select Date Range:
Start Date:    End Date:  
(Please enter desired date range in mm/dd/yyyy format)

4. Data output as viewable Chart or Download Data?
(Mouseover each option for more information)
    View Selection as Chart*  Chart will open in new tab/window
    Download Raw Data*  Check your 'Downloads' folder.
*Note: Data from 2017 and 2022 are provisional and have not yet been through our rigorous Quality Assurance procedures.

For full functionality we suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.